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Refrigerated Body

Refrigerated Body

Refrigerated trucks are made for transporting perishable goods that need to be kept in a climate-controlled environment. Cargo vans can have refrigerated units and insulation packages added in order to protect flowers for a florist, while larger box trucks are refrigerated to move produce deliveries. Other names for this body type include reefer truck, cold truck, freezer truck, and fridge truck.

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Invisible Direct-Drive

Our Invisible range is designed for discreet and efficient transportation of refrigerated products in vans. These units are installed underneath the vehicle chassis, completely invisible from the outside, preserving the aesthetics, original height and aerodynamics of the vehicle, while reducing bodywork. SFZ007, SFZ008 and SFZ009 offer varying refrigeration capacities and volume ratings tuned for different applications. SFZ009 Multi features dual evaporators to enable products with different temperature requirements to be transported in two separate zones.

The Invisible range, with its ultra-thin dimensions make it the ideal choice for customers who need a space-saving solution. A driverfriendly interface in the cabin allows real-time monitoring and control of the unit performance to ensure the cargo is maintained at precisely the right temperature throughout the trip.

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